A good speech is like an attractive, well-constructed house. The design is properly thought through, with a logical narrative structure. Its rooms are filled with fitting and comfortable furniture: anecdotes that arouse the right emotions. But after the house is built and decorated, it needs life. It needs a welcoming host – who opens the door with a broad smile, who shows you the special places and who makes you feel at home in every room. That host is the speaker.

Unfortunately, many speeches are like a bland prefab building: minimal foundations and – if at all – a standardized structure. And often the host just explains what you’re already seeing: ‘Bathroom to your left, living room on your right.’

Whether you’re a speechwriter, press officer or communications advisor, you’ve heard enough of these speeches. You know that real influence and persuasion require a crisp and personal speech by a strong speaker. You want his or her story to make an impact. And you want your speaker to truly connect with the audience. But how to get that beautiful house,  with your leader, CEO or board member as a warm and welcoming host?

The Speech House lifts not just your speechwriting and storytelling skills, but also your effectiveness as a presentation coach to a much higher level. You will work in a small group of peers, trained by experts with a deep background in film, television, theatre and speechwriting.

This is not your regular summer school. Enter The Speech House!

The training

You’ll experience the impact on three aspects of your profession: Storydesign, Storytelling and Storycoaching. You’ll come away knowing how to draft stories that will convince, inspire and engage. On top of this, you’ll learn how to be an excellent story coach. This intensive training will give you all the tools you need to become a distinguished story-expert.

About us

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Two seasoned presentation trainers with a background in film and theatre and two highly experienced speechwriters will teach you how to capture the hearts and minds of your listeners.